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~ Mark ~


*Executive Director

Mark is the owner & executive director of of A-Frame Entertainment LLC - Clockwork Productions - Newbourne Village Renaissance Festival

Mark is a Certified Master Therapeutic Coach®, Master Hypnotherapist®, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ & Master Practitioner of Humanistic-Neuro-Linguistic Psychology™. He has run his business/practice since 2015. He is the author of three books & has toured nationally & internationally speaking & teaching. He's acted in over 60 productions and has directed & designed for community & professional theatres, Madrigal Feasts & for Walt Disney World - Florida. in 2002 he started performing as a street performer for several Renaissance Festivals where he developed the popular character of the Queen Mum! In his free time he builds historical clothing, thrifts/antiques, visits fun & interesting places. 


~ Kimberly ~

*Director of Vendor Coordination

*Executive Assistant

Kim has a Bachelors in Theatre arts and an Associates in Business and Marketing. She has worked as a costume designer, model, and street performer in festivals and Halloween shows for the last ten years. Kim has also worked as marketing assistant, project manager, and creative consultant for a variety of projects including car shows, independent films, and non-profit fundraising ventures. In her free time she listens to Tudor podcasts, talks to her cats, and always has too many sewing projects going on. 


~ Lionel ~

*Entertainment Director

Lionel’s first renaissance faire experience was the opening of King Richard’s Faire in Carver Massachusetts. (Just a mere 42 years ago.) He was cast as a Romani dancer in a funny and raucous stage show that through the antics of the dancers brought joy to the hearts of all the spectators no matter their age. Lionel went on to work with the Hanlon Lees Action Theatre, one of the premier jousting companies on the circuit. He hawked ceramic horns, sold Starfire Swords, and peddled leather goods and clothing for Pterodactyl Leather.  Lionel feels fortunate to have met many talented and gifted people and performers while working at renaissance festivals.He came to Chippewa Falls to work at the former Chippewa Valley Renaissance Festival and collaborated in the creation of the Village of Terror.  He served as a telecommunications project manager for the Bank of America and Williams Communications in Chicago, and he has a degree in Business Management. These skills will be put to good use in his role as entertainment director. Lionel looks forward to contributing to the effort to make Newbourne Village a delight for both performers and audience alike!


~ Kendra ~

*Wedding Coordinator

Kendra has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public History and Business Administration. Her passion for history started at a young age; and since high school, she has been obsessed. She has a particular love for teaching others about history through alternative methods. This could mean an interactive exhibit at a museum or a historically accurate product that might be for sale. Her family contains multiple small business owners who work at various craft shows or fairs, so she feels completely at home wandering around Newbourne Village. On the other side of the family, her mother is particularly fond of helping to plan many weddings, and Kendra has often found herself to be involved in her mother's work as well. Kendra's own recent wedding in May 2022 was the result of her passion for planning and organizing events. In a beautiful gazebo, Kendra married her partner of 8 years, Karl. There was no detail that went unattended, and every intricacy had personal meaning. She is excited to help others have a wonderfully beautiful wedding day of their own.

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