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About the Festival

Newbourne Village - The Renaissance Festival with Heart.

Welcome to Newbourne Village, a new delightful family friendly Renaissance Festival now in our 2nd exciting season! We warmly invite you to rediscover that magical festival feeling once again!

Just imagine the excitement on your child's face when they step into a fairy tale! Together you'll explore and around every corner there are thrilling one-of-a-kind acts, creative handcrafted items, toe-tapping music & dancing,  joyful laughter filling the air, colorful interactive characters greeting you and making you fe
el like a King or Queen!


Come and Play!


Our Mission

Our mission at Newbourne Village is to cheer people, make them happy, and forget momentarily, all the unpleasantness in their lives.

(Pictured - Gilkurn Niftypocket & Tinberg the Gnomes. Photos by Larry Edwards, John Solberg, Gary Krogman, Debbie Abraham, Audrey Prosser & other photographers))

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