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A-Frame Entertainment LLC -  Clockwork Productions
Eagle Ridge Festival Grounds, LLC

Enter for your chance to win one

Exclusive 2024 Season Pass!!


Season passes will not be sold to the general public. This is an exclusive prize. The name of the winner will be drawn early in 2024 & will be informed of their win by email. 

The winner's season pass will be at the ticket booth and can be collected their once the 2024 season opens.

There are no exchanges, returns or refunds. Season pass can not be redeemed for money. Limit one pass for one person.

Thanks for submitting! We'll let you know if you win.

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Please Note:

Our festival changes sometimes on a daily basis as performers & vendors come and go. No two days are ever alike. Explore and experience all that the Newbourne Village Renaissance Festival has to offer!!

The most up to date schedule, map & lists will be featured here.

Like you, we are trying to be conscientious about the environment and appreciate you using our online paperless playbill. Thank you for your understanding that as a business/festival we are trying to be "Green".

Festival Schedule

General Day & Anchor Stage Shows:

Featured in the Greensward Field

Blue Horse Theatre - Art, drama, dance and Unicorns! Need we say more!? Come see our pony Unicorns or our adult Unicorns when they appear in our ring! Show times are at -- 

Morris Dancers Extravaganza - Featuring a variety of Morris Dance teams! A Once in a life time spectical to see this many Morris dancers at one time in one place! Show times are at --

The Tent of Mustafa Ali - Sit and visit with Mustafa and explore the music, customs, and philosophy of the Sufi.

Featrued on the Greensward Dance Stage

Luna Ruh - Beauty, sparkle and color dance across the stage! Show times are at -- 

The Kubb Farm - The Kubb Farmer will be moving about the village challenging and teaching visitors about the Viking
game of Kubb. Interesting fact: Viking chess (Kubb) is no longer played with skulls and femurs, instead wooden pieces are placed with skill and strategy to solve disputes peacefully.

Featured on the Quince Stage

11:00 Kipp the Conjurer (Saturday Only) - Join comedy magic man Kipp the Conjurer as he performs amazing sleight of hand and wondrous magic that will thrill and delight you!

11:00 The Court Revelers (Sunday Only) - The sing for the Queen and the sing for you and they sing for the love and joy of music! The Court Revelers are an acapella madrigal singing group who are here to entertain your hears and sooth your hearts!

11:30 Master Ticktock - Comedy Hypnosis - A not to miss truly mind bending experience! Come play in your imaginations with this one of a kind interactive experience that is fun, fast and funny! Fall under the spell of the Award Winning quick wit, antics, and humor of Comedy Hypnotist Master Ticktock!

1:30 Brothers Dymm - This fun comedy show is full of sword play and "punny" humor! It's a real "cut up"!

2:00 Master Ticktock - Comedy Hypnosis


4:00 Bess and Marley - England's next big thing when it comes to Bardic Entertainment! Fun, Funny and Musical!

Featured on the Woodrose Stage

10:30 The Court Revelers (Saturday Only)

11:00 Brothers Dymm

11:30 Bess and Marley

12:00 Hounds of Dublin (Saturday Only) –Irish Music, Dance, Ballads And Drinking Songs. Be ready for a good time! 

12:30 Gus the Bard - Let Gus transport you back to the Emerald Isle; playing traditional Irish Folk Music. 

1:00 Kipp the Conjurer (Saturday Only)

1:00 Loch & Loaded (Sunday Only)
1:30 Loch & Loaded (Saturday Only)


2:30 Brothers Dymm

3:00 The Court Revelers

Featured on the Pavilion Stage

11:00 Fates Folly - A duo of voices singing songs of old.

11:30 Ballad the Bard - Have harp will travel! Performing music to delight and thrill you!

12:00 Loch & Loaded - Exclusively playing traditional Scottish music: Ballads, Boat, Bothies and Bar!


1:00 Bess and Marley

2:00 Countersong - Wonderful music of olde for you to enjoy! 


4:00 Ballad the Bard/Gus the Bard – Battle of the Bards - You won't want to miss this! Join Ballad and Gus -- Two bards barding it out together! 

Featured on the Upper Deck

12:30 The Court Revelers

Featured on the Turtle Crossing Stage
This spot is a free flowing shaded location for strolling musicians and other performers. You never know who might stop by! 

1:00 The Hounds of Dublin

2:00 The Court Revelers

3:00 Luna Ruh

Featured on the Fae Wild Stage

11:00 Countersong

1:30 Birds of a Feather -  A Mother and Son duo who will delight you with their voices and instrumental abilities!

4:00 Kipp the Conjurer (Saturday Only)

4:00 Fates Folly (Sunday Only)

Swim on over to the Mermaid Grotto

Come "Sea" our magical live Mermaids! They love to visit, play and take pictures! A not to miss experience for the young or young at heart!
11:00 – 1:30
2:30 – 5:00

Featured at the Tipsy Toad Tavern/Tadpole Dias

11:00 Loch & Loaded

11:30 Gus the Bard

12:00 Kipp the Conjurer (Saturday Only)

12:00 The Hounds of Dublin (Sunday Only)

1:00 Countersong

2:00 Bess and Marley

2:30 Gus the Bard

3:00 Loch & Loaded

3:30 The Hounds of Dublin

4:00 The Court Revelers

4:30 House of Dublin – Hour Jam

Featured in Pocket Park

12:00 In The Rigging - Watch as Quinn performs acrobatic wonders while hanging from a hoop in the air!

12:30 Fates Folly
2:00 Fates Folly


2:15 In The Rigging

3:00 Birds of a Feather

3:30 In The Rigging

4:00 Brothers Dymm

5:00 Fates Folly

5:15 In The Rigging

Her Majesty's Bower

Throughout the festival day Her Majesty, Queen Beatrice will be welcoming guests, holding court and visiting with anyone who stops by for a portrait.

The Queen’s Tea - During her Majesty's luncheon the local villagers will showcase their very best talent to delight her and her loving subjects!

Queen’s Tea @ 12:30

1. Gus the Bard
2. Morris Dancers
3. Hounds of Dublin


1. Bess and Marley
2. Chile the Court Jester
3. Loch & Loaded

Cabbies n Kilts is the village rickshaw service that offers interactive and
entertaining transportation. The cabbies can take you from point A to point

The cabbies are knowledgeable about our village and can give you the
grand tour. The Cabbies n Kilts pullers are ready and willing to be your
personal attendants throughout your time here at Newbourne Village. 


A Royal Entrance through the gates in the Queens’s personal rickshaw with
accompanying fanfare is available for a modest price when ordering festival

Make your reservations at the NVRF ticket office.
Let Cabbies n Kilts be your personal guide and take you through the village
showing you all the sights and highlights that Newbourne Village has to

As the cabbies will always remind us, “Only Peasants Walk.”

Herm, the Turtle Sheppard
During spawning season for our village turtles, one is apt to find turtles roaming the village lo
oking for a place to bury their eggs. Queen Beatrice has declared that the turtles of Newbourne Village are not to be bothered and have the right to proceed without hindrance or distress.


Please respect the rights of our turtles. If you have any questions about turtle or reptile life, you may seek out Herm, the Turtle Shepard. You will find him placed at the crossroads in his reptile enclave. Herm is happy to engage you in conversation about our reptilian inhabitants.


Our Amazing 2023 Merchants!


  • Goodys Goods

  • Raevyn Atelier LLC

  • Skyhammer Creations

  • Junque In thy Trunk

  • Wyrd Wench Wears

  • Merlin’s Mind of Metal

  • Looking Glass Garments

  • Brass Jupiter

  • Ravenworks the Pirate Chest 

Jewelry/ Accessories:

  • Nagle Forge and Foundry

  • Dravynmoor

  • Reminted Jewelry

  • Rogue Maille

  • Renegade Enterprises LLC dba Charmed

  • Paper and Clay by Renee

  • The Black Beade

  • RDH Wirework

  • Embellished and Enchanted

  • Skull Jewelry and More

  • Foraged Curiosities

  • Moxie Malas


  • Duckling Crafts


  • Hannah Vale illustrations

  • Sbogleson


  • Dredmors Plunder


  • Dragonrose Designs

  • Daydream Dragons

  • Meyer's Magical Market

  • Faeward Inn

  • White Witch

  • Mythical Menagerie

  • Mystic Shapes


  • Black Briar Essentials

  • Earthly Smells


  • Just Moon enterprises

  • Mistress Knows A Lot

  • Reiki Magick


  • Molly's Magick Morsels

  • Ironclad Cafe

  • Lavenders fairy cakes


  • Theodores Workshop

  • Henna North

  • KimazaCreations LLC

  • Precious Lamm's Face Paint

  • The Painted Siren


  • Deez Goods

  • Rock Solid Mamas

  • Primitive Origins

  • Haires Magical Wears


  • Drews Blades

  • Dead on Target Armory

Other Cool Stuff:

  • Fern Lane Hollow

  • Luna Ce Crafts

  • Lady Artisan

  • The Wretched Raven

  • The Hook & Jill Saga

  • HCTMDesigns/Majestic Masks

  • Drawn that way Studio

  • Mystical Azure

  • The Maker and the Muse

  • Designs and Imports by Peach

  • Spriggan Stone

  • Ethereal Locks


  • Eleni Gaves

  • Invictus Maneo Leatherworks LL


Village Kitchens Catered by Fosters Food



  • Saturdays & Sundays

  • June 10th thru July 2rd, 2023

  • 10am-6pm

  • Rain or shine!


  • There will be a very small cash fee for parking; the money will go to the local organizations (youth sports, church groups, school clubs) who are working as our parking attendants. 

  • Parking is located just outside the main entrance.

  • No vehicles are allowed on the grounds.

  • Please respect the handicapped spaces, located right next to the main gate. They are reserved for those individuals who really need them. 

  • Vehicle owners assume all responsibility for their vehicle when in the parking lot/festival grounds. 

  • Vehicle owner is responsible for safely parking their vehicle and is asked to please be respectful of others and their vehicles in the parking lot.


  • Specific vendors will provide a selection of alcoholic beverages for purchase. 

  • Wisconsin legal age is 21

  • Valid picture ID is required for alcohol purchase and consumption.

  • The festival requests all guests who are choosing to partake in alcohol be responsible. Remember this is a family friendly event. Please be appropriate.

  • The festival has the right to deny sale of alcohol to patrons.

  • The festival has the right to remove anyone from the property who is abusing alcohol and causing trouble.

  • Underage guests are not allowed into the "tavern" areas unless accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or spouse of legal drinking age. 

  • Absolutely no carry-ins or carry-outs allowed. 



  • By entering the grounds of Newbourne Village all guests and participants grant the management and staff of the festival, and authorized members of the media permission to take photographs and video of them to be used in advertising, promotions, and documentation of the event, and for security purposes, and waive any and all rights regarding use of their image or likeness and for the aforementioned purposes.



  • Patrons are highly encouraged to wear Costumes!

  • Anything ranging from Medieval or Renaissance to Fantasy would be appropriate for guests.  

  • Our festival's "look" centers around the years circa 1560 through 1585.



  • We do have an ATM in our Village.

  • Most vendors will have credit card capabilities.


  • Patrons are not permitted to bring their pets.

  • Service Dogs only are allowed. 

  • No other pets are permitted. No exceptions.

  • Owner assumes full responsibility for their service dog's actions.

  • Please respect others by cleaning up after your service dog. 



  • Absolutely no firearms are permitted on the festival grounds. 

  • Other weapons must be peace-tied at all times: this means that the weapon is tied, strapped or otherwise secured so that it cannot be drawn or wielded.

  • Any guest wielding, holding, or displaying an untied weapon will be ejected from the fair. 

  • We reserve the right not to allow a weapon to be brought into the fare for any reason.



  • Newbourne Village will have several basic first aid kits on site for minor injuries (ie: small cut or scrape). 

  • In case of a major health incident call 911-emergency. 

  • Anyone attending the Newbourne Village Renaissance Festival takes full responsibility for their own personal health & safety and acquiring the appropriate assistance should a need arise. 

  • Anyone attending the Newbourne Village Renaissance Festival assumes all risks, hazards, and dangers arising from their presence on the grounds or relating in any way to the risk of contracting a communicable disease or illness.

  • Including, without limitation, exposure to Covid-19 or any other bacteria, virus, or other pathogen capable of causing a communicable disease or illness, whether that exposure occurs before, during, or after the event, and regardless of how caused or contracted.

  • Anyone attending the Newbourne Village Renaissance Festival hereby waive any and all claims and potential claims against the Newbourne Village Renaissance Festival, event organizer/promoters, A-Frame Entertainment LLC and its affiliates - relating to such risks, hazards, and dangers.

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